Sales Training for Top Salespeople Get Organized to Increase Sales

What are some tools to help you become a more productive salesperson? An important step in becoming successful in the sales profession is to organize your business. What are some ways to help you get organized to increase your selling effectiveness? Here are five ideas to get you started on the path toward becoming a top salesperson.

Clean Up Your Workspace

The first step is to clean up your work environment. Start by reorganizing your desk. Files that you don’t refer to often should be filed or thrown away. Try using different colored file folders. For example, put your account files in green folders, prospects in red folders and product information in blue folders. Using different colors will make retrieving files faster for you. Make it your goal to get all the folders off your desk surface and file them away for easy access.

To maximize your efficiency, completely clean off your desk surface at the end of each work day. Start each day with an uncluttered work area so you can concentrate on tasks without distraction. You want to think about today’s work, not unfinished business from the day or week before.

Organize Computer Files

Next, organize your computer files. Check to be sure documents are placed in the correct folder. Back up important files on your computer. If you don’t have the discipline to make backups daily, sign up for an online service that automatically backs up your computer.

Prioritize Your Task List

When you start your work day, make a list of tasks that you ‘have to do’ to reach your short and long-term goals. Next, go through your tasks and list your top six or seven in order of priority. Ask yourself, what are the tasks that will yield the highest return on investment? Work on your highest priority task first until its completed. Then move on to the next highest priority task.

Carry over unfinished tasks to the next day and evaluate at that time whether it merits a high priority. Reorder your priority list each day based on your current goals and plans.

Make a Life Goal List

Write down at least ten goals you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Choose one or two from the list and try to accomplish them within a year. After a goal is accomplished, cross it out and add another one to the list. Continue the process by replacing completed goals with new challenges.


For salespeople, getting organized can be learned and is a habit worth keeping. It maintains order in our lives and frees up time to make more sales calls during the day. All it takes is some willpower and determination. Go get organized now, so you can reach your goals and achieve success in your sales career.

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