Outdoor Solar Lights

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Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights have become extremely popular over the last couple of years.

But they are just as good for the environment as for your wallet. They consume natural light from the sun and store it inside of their solar cells. After nightfall, they release their stored light, lighting up your landscape.

Most styles come with a sensor, turning the lights on at night and off during the day. You won’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on or off!

Installation is quite easy, usually just pushing the light into the ground in the desired spot, or hanging them along the railing or fence of your choice. This makes them easy to remove and move as you see fit.

This freedom is wonderful for some trial and error! No need to limit your creativity because of needing wired lighting. And with so many different styles and designs of fixtures, you’ll find the perfect looking outdoor solar lights for your home.

Though the field of solar energy is constantly growing and changing, there are still a few downsides to solar lighting.

They need a good spot to collect light. The placement of your outdoor solar lights in your yard needs to be well planned out. They need to be in a spot where they can collect sunlight for most of the day. South-facing areas are the best. Otherwise, they won’t have enough energy stored up to produce a bright or long-lasting light at night. Avoiding shady spots is the key here. Although, if you want to place lights in a shady area, there is another option. This option is a string of solar units connected to a solar panel to receive sunlight during the day.

They don’t light up an area like wired lighting. Solar Lighting’s best use is for accent lighting. Traditional flood or spotlights work better for security or outdoor lighting during any time of the night. Outdoor solar lights are brightest in the first couple of hours after the sun sets, and then slowly lose some brightness over the night. (But even the diminished light output is still bright enough! As the technology of solar cells advances, especially with LED solar light, this becomes less and less of a problem.)

Batteries and bulbs don’t last forever. Over time, batteries will hold less and less of charge. They and the bulbs can be changed when needed. Bulbs are relatively cheap, but batteries can be pricier. However, this is not a frequent occurrence. Solar panels can become sun damaged or damaged in other ways, such as a rock thrown from a lawn mower. You should occasionally check your panels to make sure there is no damage to them, and to keep them clean of dirt and debris.

Outdoor solar lights are a smart choice to consider for your yard. They are energy efficient, costing you next to nothing. They are environmentally sound, using a completely free, renewable energy source to produce beautiful lighting. This means there is no environmental impact at all from them!

They are safe on many levels. When using self-contained units, there is no need to worry about electrical shocks or tripping over power cords. Solar lights installed in shady areas work by installing a solar panel on a south-facing wall or post. These units come with enough cords to power them. The cord can be buried up to six inches deep, making it safe to mow over them.

A well-lit home is shown to deter criminals from targeting your home.