My Answer To The Question – Mona Vie just another MLM scheme?

’4532′ asks a great question so I thought I’d post it here with an answer – enjoy:

One of my husband’s employees has been trying to get my husband to join him in selling Mona Vie. We aren’t too familiar with this product except is some kind of health juice drink. Hubbie told the to let us try the product and then if we liked it we might buy more. The response was that there was no way he could let us sample it unless we wanted to buy a $45.00 bottle because he couldn’t afford to just give it away. He was much more interested in having my husband sell it than buy it so it led me to believe that this is just another Multi level marketing scheme. Is this about the product or about recruiting? I joined Amway ten years or so ago thinking I would sell products only to find out that the “average” salesperson made nothing. It was more about selling you motivational tapes. Is Mona Vie like this?

Answer: Listen to that inner voice that’s telling you it’s a scam, because — IT’S A SCAM!It’s a run-of-the-mill substandard juice product (containing a lot of grape juice) worth only about 1/10th or less of what they charge for it. The name of the game is to recruit you into the quasi-pyramid so that they can get you on the hook for monthly bulk shipments and an assortment of Monavie merchandise and “sales training” materials. Those at the top reap the profits.This MLM is particularly bad because it has elements of both a pyramid scheme and a cult. The sales pitches for Monavie are laced with misleading and illegal claims about how it cures diseases, relieves pain/inflammation, promotes sleep, and provides energy — all utter nonsense. They were cited by the FDA for illegal advertising in 2007 and since then, many sources have written critiques of the product and the business (e.g. Newsweek, Forbes, Huffington Post, NY Times, Mens Journal, etc.).The company website has an income disclosure statement which shows that only a select few ever make any substantial income selling this juice (the people that got in early) and almost everyone else is making less than minimum wage, before expenses.