Answer to the question: Is this a scam,it was in my in box today?

Many of you like the questions and answers on this blog. I just found another one from ‘The Wail of a Banshee’ who asks

I have received 2 of these ,the company does exist but there is something not quite rightDear Job Seeker!Based on the results of your CV, we came to the conclusion that you reasonably satisfy the demands of our company, and we are ready to offer you the job position of the Regional Agent in company Six-Sigma-Realty. Six-Sigma-Realty is interested in engaging energetic, self-motivated, goal-oriented employees, possibly without work experience in this sphere, but ready to pursue new objectives, develop and earn well off.Job description of the regional agent: Search of information on real estate sale in the employees region of residence, Presentation of lots available in the company database, Closing transactions, Advance payments by the company clients.What we propose:Seminars and training for professional developmentFlexible working hoursPossibility of rapid career advancementMonthly salary at the initial stage – EUR 1500.Bonuses and premiums for work results.If our offer is of interest for you, please send your confirmation to here or to with next data:Full name:Address:Phone number:and we shall send you all documents that are necessary for signing. Best regards, HR Department, Lisa BarnettI did send a CV to a property company here in Spain months ago ,but it wasnt them

Answer: Its a scam! As someone else has said, the use of a YMail account gives it away.As they know there are so many job seekers out there at present, then much like those people who send you discount vouchers off of little blue pills, magical/instant weight loss solutions, would love to meet you and get to know you better, or need 6M moved out of East Africa; these eMails are simply trawling for interest/bait.The scammers are quite happy with a half percent or less response rate, but once they have you the answer will be either:(a) that you need to attend a pre-training seminar, which is either free or at a cost of X(b) that you just don’t make their criteria, but could be trained on a freelance basis at cost of YThey are evn quite open (as they have to be to get inside the law) by inserting the line: “Seminars and training for professional development” which translates as you pay us to train you, then work self employed.This type of problem is appearing regularly on job boards at present, where legitimate MLM business skim for new sign-ups with the offer of riches via “seminars and training.”If you want to check a company out, then the signs to watch out for are no telephone numbers, non-company email addresses, and offers which have seminars and training listed high in their criteria.If a real company or recruiter was interested in you, then 9/10 they would pick up the phone. A push email with few contacts details should read scam every time.All of the European Police forces now have an online crime unit – the UK’s is located with the Met Police. I suggest you find the one local to you, and follow their reporting procedure: these idiots need to be stopped.Good Luck!

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