The Guide To Sales Training Courses And Conflict Between Sellers And Sales Managers

In about 30% of all business trade relations between sales people and sales managers, both parties fall out with each other each year and is one of the reasons why you want sales training courses.

This has encouraged the Institute of Psychology of business to conduct a comprehensive study to interpret the hidden points of friction and potential areas of conflict between the sellers and sales managers.

The study in-depth interviews with representatives and sales managers about their experiences of working together. The evaluation was conducted, both as a comparison group and a specific torque.

What respondents think that the focus of this partnership is the company? The proposal shows that there are large differences in the way of thinking. Only three couples had a competition on the objectives of the company. Only half of all sellers believe that the increase of the rotation is the goal of leading the business. A third of sales managers, said the goal is to increase the market share of business basis.

These different views are quite surprising, taking into account the work of the same company. In essence, this serves to demonstrate the lack of communication in the relationship.

The issue of sales training courses targets confirms the lack of communication: only two couples were present. 40% of all providers said that sales goal is to become dominant, 40% said that creating a livelihood was his ambition predominant.

On the other hand, only a third of sales managers believe that increasing the rotation was the sellers ambition. No mention of the creation of life as a target and a third do not even identify their individual goals of the team were.

Gender and the distinction of support. Most sales of respondents said they felt supported by the previous cabinet. The type of support is assessed differently, however. Sales managers in essence, said he supported the representatives through sales training courses and meetings.

Almost all the representatives, however, seems to have been supported mainly through catalogs and brochures. Some thought they had received support from his former employer, or do not agree on the type of media impersonal company had given him.

What are typical problems in society? Half of the respondents said the main stumbling block is the difficulty of rotation, followed by corporate policy. A quarter of respondents said that cooperation with his former partner failed, mainly because of problems of information and communication, but only a few of the respondents see it as a management problem.

The turnover problem are based on a side, with a lower volume, and the arguments of others, on commission payments.

Most managers believe that sales of the vendors lack commitment.

The problems of corporate strategy resulting from differences in the strategy of paying the grievance procedure of the company to try and deliverability. In addition, some providers felt that the positive opportunities that are denied. Communication problems are mainly based on a lack of feedback, which has complained for many sales managers.

A typical problem encountered in the management of the vendor’s declaration that: “I called almost every day (for the sales manager) to see if I had no business” Sellers often felt were controlled and so that their free time are violated.

While sales managers constantly lament the management sales training courses that vendors do not contribute enough information about what is going on the market, sellers disagree with the teacher or demanding attitude, even their sales managers. Marketers emphasize their autonomy, while sales managers demand that their obligation is met control.

What experience is crucial usually the cause of division? Sales managers have had the excuse to break the most important relationship of a company is declining sales volume or quality of work ineffective in the interests of its sales force, leading to services disability and / or customer complaints.

Sales staff, meanwhile, attributes the causes of the decline in sales with the method of poor sales of the company or market changes.

How does the break take place? The break itself was considered by most as totally spectacular. The sales staff had a valid contract, were dismissed in accordance with the rules. Many companies, however, he tried to fill the place left for people before the expiry of the notice.

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