Negotiating Your New Car Purchase

Whether you are after a brand new, fresh from the manufacturer vehicle or a more time-tested ride, you must be prepared to negotiate when you get to the dealership. Negotiations may be intimidating to individuals who are not accustomed to handling them, but the fact of the matter is that a negotiation is just a game of give and take. To be successful, though, you must respect the seller, the true value of the car, and the overall process itself.

First, before you even consider going down to the dealership, you must do your research. What kind of car do you want? What features are you looking for? What models will best fit your transportation needs? Then, after you have narrowed down the playing field, you have to find out the current going rate for your dream car. This means visiting a variety of websites to compare costs and get a feel for how much you will be expected to pay for your new vehicle. Printing out the different listings may be helpful, as you will want to be prepared and have an offer that the dealership can meet, should it be willing to do so.

After amassing your research you should have a pretty good idea of where you want to start, as far as a dealership goes. Begin with the one that offers the best deal. When you arrive, a sales professional is sure to offer their services, so go ahead and tell them that you already know what you are looking for and would like to see the car that you have chosen.

Before even considering purchasing a vehicle you should obviously take it for a test drive. During the drive, pay close attention to the interior and to how the car handles. If anything seems off, if the interior is damaged in any way, or if the car doesn’t live up to the expectations set by its description, these could be negotiating points that will influence the price of the vehicle.

If you are happy with the way the test drive goes, all that is left is negotiation. Of course, this can be a lengthy process. Many dealerships will match competing offers, so start there if you have found a great deal in another location. If you don’t have a specific price that you are comparing your own purchase to, make sure that you stick by a fair price that you have developed through your research and through reliable car value resources, such as Kelly Blue Book.

If the salesman just will not agree to your offer it’s your decision whether or not you come up in price. Make sure, though, that you never go a cent beyond what you can afford. If you don’t think that the price being demanded is fair you should walk away. Under no circumstances, though, should either party become frustrated, rude, or unprofessional. It may be irritating to have to play the negotiation game, but the truth is that this is how the automobile industry works. Follow these tips, be willing to walk away from a bad deal, and always remain respectful and you should have a positive experience.

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